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THE HOLLYWOOD TRINITY provides clients with an all-inclusive one-stop service that introduces brands to the public through social media, public relations and marketing campaigns.

​Our goal is to provide maximum exposure and strategic brand positioning through a cohesive and intelligent approach. THE HOLLYWOOD TRINITY PACKAGE is designed ​for all​ company’s specific needs ​and budgets.

No two campaigns are alike.

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Create and implement concepts & stories that will interest the general public and inspire them. Let’s broaden our reach and become more inclusive by implementing a campaign that markets the challenge and presents your products as the solution. Lets find a way that will connect to the end users. We need to market concepts that will connect to more than just your typical demographic. Its about creating concepts that will attach to people’s emotions and pull at their sense of well being.

Creating hash tags with real meaning that may go viral. Lets reach people in all markets and genres to cross promote. Lets look for opportunities to build your ​story increasing ​your ​​reach.​

We look forward in collaborating with you. Depending on your monthly budget we can create a campaign that incorporates marketing, public relations and social media.We can create a package with any budget.

The trinity is everywhere, we have access to everything

Access the Hollywood vibe.
Angeleno Magazine, BBC Network, Century City News, Closer Magazine,

CNN, Dish Nation TV , Entertainment Tonight, Extra TV, Eye on LA (KABC), Fox 11 News, Gen Lux Magazine, Good day LA (FOX)- Hollywood Reporter, Huffington Post, In Style Magazine, In Touch Magazine,
KCAL 9 news, KCBS 2 news, KTLA morning News, LA confidential, LA Weekly,

La ArtsOnline.com, Life & Style Weekly Magazine, Los Angeles Daily News,
Los Angeles Magazine, LOS ANGELES TIMES, Los Angeles Watts Times, LUCIRE Magazine (New Zealand)

New York Daily News, New York Post, OK! Magazine, People Magazine,
Red Carpet Report, WALL STREET JOURNAL, Westlake Magazine, Westside Today, Women’s Wear Daily, RadarOnline.com, Santa Barbara Magazine, Splash Magazine LA,

Showbiz 411, Signature LA Magazine, Star Magazine,
The Examiner, the inquirer, The Tolucan Times, The Wrap, Valley Magazine, Variety, VIVA Magazine




At the very beginning of a campaign, we focus on building a community around the product. We place the product on different high – end outlets like La-story, Splash Magazine online, etc. By doing this we elevate visibility and credibility for the brand.

Placements will rotate via social media. Our goal it’s to generate/establish brand presence. The quality of the strategy impacts the product’s community plus establishes brand presence. The result of that is “Engagement” and “Interaction”, Consumer-product – Product-consumer.

Brand positioning:
After step 1 and 2 we create message amplification and focus on the consistency of the strategy. Our goal is to keep feeding/increasing “Visibility” “Credibility” “Engagement” “Interaction levels”.

The result of the strategy is brand message amplification, brand reach expansion, brand community and following increase. At that moment, and with a community engaged, is time to connect the brand with major events, celebrities, radio and TV.

We repeat the process to constantly increase and improve results for the brand.


Within one year, Americans have tripled the amount of time they spend on social networking sites and many companies have taken notice and are beginning to plug themselves into outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, etc.. Why? People are going to talk about your Brand online one way or the other. By participating in Social Media, you can become a part of that conversation. We know by observing many company’s mistakes in Social Media that companies/brands cannot control the conversation, but they absolutely can at least let their voices, personalities, and stances be heard.

To date, just the numbers of one of our Social media stars can blown your mind away : 3 million plus followers total – 2 million plus on Twitter alone. Within the last 15 days, generating the following numbers: 259K views for a video uploaded once on Instagram; 120,075 likes in three days and 300 comments on photo uploaded on Instagram; 4,384 retweets, 3,090 hearts from posting a website on Twitter.


In this New Age, Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media are completely related –Social Media is now a huge component of Public Relations which directly impacts Marketing strategies. Marketing and Social Media work together more than against each other and they interchangeably influence one another. Social Media is an effective tool for communicating and redistributing information and news from traditional media sources. With that said, it makes it even more apparent that Social Media can quickly influence the public’s way of thinking and perception.

The Marketing message, and more, is supported by a strategic public relations campaign, thereby attracting consumers and increasing visibility. A few examples of platforms that will be targeted for a Public Relations campaign include, but are not limited to: Radio, Television, Business Magazines, News Media (Regional and Global morning news) Entertainment Media (CBS Doctors, Ellen, View, GMA) Huffington Post, InTouch, Variety, Stars, Too-Fab, LA Confidential, The Hollywood Reporter, LA Times, The Daily News, She-knows Media.

Television and radio includes The Morning Blend, Fox News, TMZ, CNN, The Doctors, LA talk Radio and much more. Social Media supports the efforts and accomplishments of public relations and marketing by creating a social media campaign which is built around the efforts of Marketing and Public Relations. “Public Relations and Marketing need a Social Media machine supporting its efforts in order to build the numbers”


After we position your brand, we introduce you and your product to investors


Early stage investors make wagers on the potential of ideas, teams, and markets with very little solid information. Successful investors are differentiated not by their detailed analysis but rather their ability to decipher the behavior of founders.

There is also the practical concern about a company’s financial stability. The simple reality is that, even a great team with a solid idea and a big market

opportunity needs substantial funding to make their vision come true. Most investors can’t bare that entire funding burden, nor do they want to sink all of their capital into one deal.

Many promising companies fail because they simply can’t raise enough money to see their vision to its end. They are constantly searching for the signals that correlate to success.

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